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Datagrama visuals is collective of designers & creative coders that do real-time visuals and interactive light installations.

We primarily use generative design with sensing technologies and projection mapping. In the last years, we had the opportunity to showcase our work with some of our favorites artists -such as Tipper, Thievery corporation, Jade Cicada, among many others – and at event gatherings in North America (SXSW, Coalesce, Camp Bisco, 4321, Astral Lights, Lollapalooza Symbiosis and Burning Man) and Europe (Boom Festival, Ozora Festival), to name a few. This video showcase some of the most painful but also some of the most special experiences we had as creators and human beings. We truly miss the nature of human and cultural gatherings and we are looking forward to getting back out there to co-create again with you guys!

Thank you for all the support and for everyone who made this possible!!

Shout out to many artists with that we had the honor to collaborate such as Tipper (both Daves), Mars-1, Jonathan Singer, Luminokaya, Steve Haman, Cullen Hasel, Glass Crane, D-Tox Unit, Jade Cicada, Mindex, Somatoast, Circular, and many many many many many others!! We are about to release updates on what we have been working on recently and a very special upcoming show. Stay tuned!!

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Soundtrack design by Mindex





 ~An Out Of Body Experience~

Join us for a total out-of-body experience—an elusive weekend of art and a variety of music.



Featuring diverse interactive art, a surround sound system by Fifth Dimension, unique projection-mapped visuals by Datagrama, and many more talented visual artists.



With music ranging from experimental 140 bass, electro-funk, reggae to jam bands you will definitely be kept on your toes.




This is a 2-day camping event hosted at Short Mountain Distillery  in Nashville, Tennessee by Lucid Mindz and Silly Boy Productions.



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